Heels Therapeutic Bodywork
Massage from Head to Heels


Ease pain, tension, and stress

in order to

rejuvenate, calm, and give peace to

the mind and body.


 image“Pain and fatigue probably top your list of unrelenting complaints. This alone, especially over a period of time, can make you anxious or depressed, aggravating your sensitivity to pain. Add to this a host of other symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and trouble concentrating, and it’s no wonder your situation may seem more than you can bear. Lightening your load anywhere will free up physical and emotional resources your body needs to heal. Massage can help in a number of ways. Massage calms the nervous system, allowing anxiety to fade, relaxing muscle tension, and slowing and deepening the breath. Stress levels decrease, freeing energy for vital functions such as digestion, and repair of damaged tissue. Knowing there is something you can do to alleviate symptoms, even temporarily, can also reduce stress by giving you some control over your condition."


Heels Therapeutic Bodywork is located at 100 Worcester Rd Charlton, Ma. (route 20)

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