Heels Therapeutic Bodywork
Massage from Head to Heels


Become a member of Heels Therapeutic Bodywork and enjoy the benefits.

Included in your membership:

  1. Unlimited sauna sessions during allotted time frame for walk-in sauna sessions. 
  2. While massage therapist is not in a private session chair massage/sports massage/Thai massage be available for $1 a minute. 
  3. Private session remain at the low price of $70 for sixty minute sessions.


Membership per month $60: must enroll in automatic payments for membership dues.
Come as often as you want.

*Limit one 30 minute sauna session per day during allotted time frame for walk-in sauna sessions.

*Chair/sports/massage walk-in sessions are limited to 10 minute intervals unless there is not another walk in or private session reserved. 

*To sign up for the membership, first sessions must have a scheduled appointment.